Literacy Blog


"Literacy is, finally, the road to human progress and the means through which every man, woman and child can realize his or her full potential." – Kofi Annan

Literacy at COBS is of the highest priority.

At COBS we understand the importance of enabling our young people to become competent and confident in their Literacy skills, and the far reaching impact this has on their educational careers and beyond. Therefore, across the whole school, we have a clear focus on the three key Literacy strands of Reading, Writing, and Speaking and Listening, ensuring pupils and staff are aware of how they are progressing and more importantly what they can do to move forward.

COBS follows the current National Curriculum framework to ensure that our pupils are able to access the same learning opportunities as their peers, and to allow for a smooth reintegration back into whichever educational setting they move onto.

COBS also has a clear support network in place for those young people who require more focused Literacy intervention. Using Pupil Premium funds each Centre’s TAs are trained to deliver Phonics to aid reading development, as well as withdrawing identified pupils who would benefit from one to one support.

Throughout COBS, pupils receive subject specific Literacy lessons. However we also strive to reinforce, encourage and promote Literacy across the Curriculum and Centre, as well as within the home. Staff work to focus both on individualised student learning targets, as well as encouraging Literacy development within social time and through extra curricular learning opportunities. These have included short story or poetry competitions, theatre trips, presentation mornings, and workshops, all supported by the consistent modelling of appropriate speaking and listening.

Within each area of the School you will see fantastic, different approaches to encouraging student Literacy development, and it is this diverse sharing of good practice, underpinned by our core understanding of student progression, which enables our young people to move forward and grow into the literate, enquiring, responsible adults of tomorrow.


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