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KS3 PSHE Curriculum Overview

KS3 (Years 7, 8 + 9) PSHE Curriculum Overview

The following are stand alone lessons, which can be used in any order (dependent on the need of COBS pupils).  They all fall into the PSHE Associations recommended three categories. 

These are lessons that are all available at www.psheresources.com or the EC Resources TES store

Health and Well-being

Living in the Wider World

Relationships (RSE)

The dangers of cigarettes and alcohol


What is vaping and is this as bad as smoking?


FGM – what is this and why is this so dangerous?


Energy drinks – what is the big deal about them?


Why do people take illegal drugs and what the law says about them


What is self-harm and why do people do this?

How does knife crime impact upon our communities, why do teens get involved and what are the consequences?

How does the law deal with young offenders?

What are savings, loans and interest?

Stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice- Racism focus


LGBT – Homophobia


Employability skills – preparing for and applying to the world of work and careers.


What skills do we need to develop for the work environment?

Bullying V’s Conflict


Cyber Bullying – Why do people bully online?


How can we prevent radicalisation and recognise the signs of extremism?


Who are extremist groups and why are they so dangerous?


Where does extremism come from?


 What is Domestic Violence and abusive relationships?


CSE – How are children and young people lured into dangerous relationships and what do these look like?


Body Image and the media Part 1 – focus on boys


Body image and the media part 2 – focus on girls