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KS4 PSHE Curriculum Overview

KS4 (Years 10 + 11) PSHE Curriculum Overview –

The following are stand alone lessons, which can be used in any order (dependent on the need of COBS pupils).  They all fall into the PSHE Associations recommended three categories. 

These are lessons that are all available at www.psheresources.com or the EC Resources TES store

Health and Well-being

Living in the Wider World

Relationships (RSE)

What are hate crimes and why do these still happen?


Social Media and Self-Esteem


Internet safety – the dangers of excessive screen time


Online gaming and Gambling


Drugs – Cannabis, Shisha and spice, what are these and are they really dangerous?


Binge Drinking – What are the risks and why do people do it?


Why do some people commit suicide?


How can we manage our grief and bereavement?


What is overt and covert racism and why are people still prejudiced?


What is multiculturalism?


Internet safety - Cyber bullying


Internet safety – The Dark Web


What is right wing extremism?


Why do some religious people become terrorists?


Applying for College and University (Year 11)


How can we successfully prepare for a job interview?


How to write a good CV


Crime, gangs and County Lines

Why do sexism, gender prejudice and stereotypes still exist?


Gender and Trans identity LGBT+


Bullying – Body shaming


Bullying Vs Banter


Why is it essential we know about consent, rape and sexual abuse?


What are forced and arranged marriages and what do we need to know?


Revenge Porn – what is this and how can we prevent ourselves from being victims?


Relationship types and sexuality


What is Chem Sex and what do we mean when we talk about safe sex? (Year 11)